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Background to the Jamaican Journal of Science and Technology

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The Scientific Research Council (SRC) has been publishing scientific material since its establishment as a statutory (quasi government) body by the passing of a bill by the legislature in May 1960. Prior to the publishing of the present Jamaican of Journal and Science and Technology (JJST) (ISSN: 1016-2054) the SRC published a wealth of material which today provide great insight into the significant work of the Council. The previous publications include but may not be limited to the Bulletin of the Scientific Research Council of Jamaica 1960 – 1969 as well as the Journal of the Scientific Research Council of Jamaica 1970 – 1988 which the Jamaican Journal of Science and Technology replaced.

Some time in 1989 the then Chairman, Scientists and members of the SRC board discussed plans for the creation of a new journal which, as its principal aim, would depict the work of local scientists and technologists. As a result, in June 1990 the very first issue of the Jamaican Journal of Science and Technology was published with seven refereed papers. Submissions were accepted from Alcan Jamaica Company, National Meteorological Service, Department of Chemistry (UWI) and Department of Mathematics (UWI), the Centre for Nuclear Sciences (UWI) and the Scientific Research Council. The board of the SRC appointed Professor Tara Dasgupta as the first Chief Editor, Professor Dasgupta served the JJST with distinction for twenty years. The JJST is a bi-annual publication produced by the Scientific Research Council of Jamaica (SRC).

The Journal is divided into the following sections:

Scientific research papers
Reviews on current scientific topics and policy issues
Research in progress
Abstracts of projects and published papers
Current events in Science
Profiles of Scientists and Technologists and perspectives
Book Reviews
Useful web links with a brief description


JJST is an on line journal and papers published will be available through the Internet. Therefore, the complete journal is available for fair use, respecting the moral rights of the author with obligation for acknowledgment through citations. The author retains the copyright.

Editorial Policy & Board

All manuscripts submitted to JJST are peer reviewed. Each manuscript is assessed by the Chief Editor to determine the suitability of the paper for publication. If selected, the manuscript is then passed on for peer-review by a referee/s who is an expert on the subject of the paper. Referees are asked to evaluate the manuscript for its contents, reliability of research methods, analysis of data and writing style. Then a recommendation is made to the Chief Editor for acceptance, rejection or re-submission with suggested editing. The Chief Editor will make the final decision on whether the paper is acceptable and communicate with the author(s), along with the referees’ report.


To view available Journal Articles visit http://src.gov.jm/volumes

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