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Conference 2014

Conference 2014

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Food Product Development

FOOD PILOT PLANT supports the growth of the local food industry through the utilization of indigenous and local crops to produce new food products, and the provision of

Ackee Spread

training and technical assistance to food processors. Traditionally known as the Food Technology Institute (FTI), it nurtures and supports cottage industries and provides incubation services for micro, small and medium sized entities. Training courses are conducted in food processing activities such as Juice Making, Canning, Extraction and Preservation Methods, accessed by local and regional participants. It is also involved in evaluating and improving food-processing methods as well as transfer of technology to the Jamaican Society.

One of the technologies developed by the Food Pilot Plant is that of improving the shelf life of coconut water, from 2-3 days to 2 weeks, without destroying its nutritional value.

Some products developed

The SRC has developed a suite of pea soups – vegetarian and non-vegetarian and mannish water (goat soup); minimally processed foods – yellow-yam, green banana and sweet potato; jerked seasoning and smoked products and a variety of exotic condiments, juices and preserves. Some of the products developed involve the use of breadfruit, yam and potato to make flour and chips; fruits such as mango, pineapple and june-plum (golden apple) to make jams and jellies; sorrel to make squash, chutney, sauce and topping; and banana to make chips, figs and clarified banana juice.  Many of its products are market ready.

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Food Development NEWS

Sammi’s Gourmet Treats
Sammi’s Gourmet Treats

If you love a little something sweet, then maybe you should take a taste of Sammi’s Gourmet treats. Food had a little ‘jam’ session with owner and creator of Samantha Fung recently about her flavourful line of products.
Fung is no stranger to the kitchen, telling Food she has always loved to cook and experiment with […]

Teen Entrepreneur Tastes Business Success
Teen Entrepreneur Tastes Business Success

Economic woes have permeated every level of the Jamaican society, weakening an already fragile business sector and crippling consumers by reducing spending power.
International Monetary Fund (IMF) initiatives and meagre economic growth projections have done little to inspire confidence and the feeling on the ground is one of insecurity and disempowerment.
Yet Jamaica’s seemingly fallow economic landscape […]

Cess To Be Imposed On Coffee Imports To Aid Vulnerable Local Farms
Cess To Be Imposed On Coffee Imports To Aid Vulnerable Local Farms

The Coffee Industry Board wants to impose a cess on coffee bean imports, which would then be used to finance extension services and technical assistance to local coffee growers, whose crops are constantly under siege from disease and natural disasters.
Coffee Board Chairman Delano Franklyn is staring at a coffee market that has “virtually doubled” in […]

Food exporters urged to become compliant with labelling standards
Food exporters urged to become compliant with labelling standards

THE country’s food exporters are being urged to become compliant with global labelling requirements in order to increase access to international markets.
Certified Food Scientist Dr André Gordon said that roughly 10 per cent of Caribbean food products entering major markets over the past 10 years have been rejected due to improper product labelling. The markets […]

Easy Does It With Hazel’s Blended Seasoning
Easy Does It With Hazel’s Blended Seasoning

There is nothing sweeter than the savoury indulgence of a freshly prepared home-cooked meal. But after dealing with the stress of a hectic day at work, it is difficult to retire home and approach the kitchen with open arms. Well, say goodbye to lingering seasoning scents on your hands and surfaces, and say hello to […]

For A Taste Of Clean Health-Part III....Organic Food The Way To Go
For A Taste Of Clean Health-Part III….Organic Food The Way To Go

There is a worldwide belief that food nourished by chemical fertilisers and those genetically modified can cause prolonged ill health and, eventually, death. There are calls from government and non-government stakeholders for a ban on the growth and sale of such food. And, of course, there is also much resistance to the calls for bans.
The […]

University Students Develop Sauce To Reduce Cooking Time For Meats
University Students Develop Sauce To Reduce Cooking Time For Meats

Four university students have created a sauce that reduces the cooking time for meats and poultry and are looking to commercialise the product, which has already won them first place in a science competition.
Rapido Spices is a semi-liquid sauce made of local herbs, seasonings and the papain enzyme found in papaya, among other things, that […]

Gov’t in big banana export push
Gov’t in big banana export push

MONTEGO BAY, St James — The Government says it will be putting $250 million into a project aimed at revitalising banana production for the export market.
The Banana Export Expansion Programme (BEEP) — details of which were provided at an investment forum in Montego Bay recently — targets new and existing farmers in the traditional banana-growing […]

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