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Conference 2014

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February 12th, 2018

Janell Latore , Lab Analyst at the SRC’s ASD laboratory analyses product sample

Offering “Reliable, Accurate and Efficient” service the SRC’s Analytical Laboratory was the first lab in the English speaking Caribbean to get ISO accreditation. The lab is currently ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited, first gaining accreditation certification in 2009 and maintaining it since then through the services of JANAAC.

Services offered by the lab include chemical and microbiological testing of potable water, wastewater and environmental sample, sanitation checks and food for nutritional content such as protein, fats and minerals and shelf life  studies. The lab also conducts analysis of cosmetic samples and offer consultancy services.

The services of the SRC’s Analytical Laboratory are very important as they help clients to monitor and maintain quality products that meet local and international quality standards, they reduce spoilage and         production costs; as well as  ensure food, water and environmental safety all of these are in keeping the Ministry of Health standards.

Analytical tests are increasingly in demand as public awareness is heightened to the health and safety risks posed by chemical, microbiological and environmental contaminants. Frequent testing of samples however can reduce potential risks associated with contaminants. For example in the case of hoteliers, monitoring the Coliform levels in pool water will eliminate the chance of a visitor being harmed by E.coli. It thus reduces liability to the hotelier.

It is also important for food manufacturers to engage in analytical services in order to ensure that the products they produce are safe, free from contaminants and meet local and international standards.

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