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Conference 2014

Conference 2014

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Wastewater Management

The Wastewater Management Unit aims to establish Environmentally Sound Wastewater Management in Jamaica in-order to significantly reduce and prevent the adverse

Wastewater Treatment

impact of wastewater from domestic, agricultural and industrial activities on natural resources and eco-systems. The Unit provides communities, companies and individuals with environmentally friendly anaerobic wastewater treatment systems, technical assistance and training in the operation and management of these systems.  The SRC has successfully commissioned over 360 systems which include biodigesters, Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blankets (UASB) and Biodigester Septic Tanks (BSTTM) to replace soak-away pits. The SRC has a patent for the BSTTM.  These easy to maintain, cost effective systems utilize waste to produce energy, giving life to the saying ‘turning trash into cash’.  Products of anaerobic technology are organic fertilizer, biogas (alternative energy) and treated wastewater that can be used for irrigation (reducing use of potable water) or returned to water bodies without harm. The systems propagated by the SRC are compliant with NEPA standards.


Spiraling fuel costs have increased the need for alternate forms of energy such as Biogas, which is relatively cheaper than other sources of fuel, such as Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and electricity.

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Wastewater Management NEWS

Guardsman Goes Green
Guardsman Goes Green

As part of its Go-Green campaign, the Guardsman Group has embarked on a replacement of sewage-treatment plants at its offices islandwide.
One of the problems the company faced in its Montego Bay facility for a long time was the malfunctioning septic tanks and the tile field, which resulted in frequent overflow of sewage.
With the advice and […]

SRC hosts Public Forum on cost effective, environmentally- friendly Wastewater Treatment Systems
SRC hosts Public Forum on cost effective, environmentally- friendly Wastewater Treatment Systems

Marketech Ltd. the subsidiary of the Scientific Research Council (SRC) on Thursday, July 11, 2013, hosted a public presentation on “Cost Effective/ Environmentally Friendly Wastewater systems impacting the bottom line”.
This event was organized by Marketech Ltd.  as part of its thrust to transfer technologies of the SRC and to inform the public of the advantages […]

Cabinet Approves Contract to Improve Sewage Treatment at 14 Health Facilities

Cabinet has approved the award of contracts totalling some $846 million to implement sewage treatment solutions at 14 health facilities across the island, and provide portering, and cleaning services at the Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee Hospitals.
The sewage treatment contract of $420 million has been awarded to the Scientific Research Council (SRC).
Making the announcement at […]


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